Storexy is a shade product with a full cassette system. The product is designed for outdoors with fabric moving vertically. The product interposes the suns rays before they reach the windowpanes, thus preserving a cool and shady interior.

Windstor is a Zip Blind with a beautiful slim design and enhanced dual isolation and a multi-touch ground face. This enhanced vertical awning is available with different fabric options such as Ferrari Soltis 86, W96 and Soltis 92. Optionally a crystal PVC Window is available as well. This is the perfect finish to your terrace or patio solution.

A drop arm awning, specially designed for windows, has a lightweight structure, an elegant style and a full cassette system. Pente adds aesthetical value to your building and enables you to reflect your interior with a wide range of colours.


Liberty is a standard awning and an economical model bringing together elegant lines and high quality. This product is standardly available in the manual version, and the motorized version is optional. The product includes stainless steel and aluminium components.

The most advanced, modern and functional model of its class, Platinum, invites you to a world of comfort. Equipped with a full cassette system and remotely controlled as standard, this product also sweeps the fabric with its cleaning brush during retraction, and enables a perfect closure with the gasket within the cassette system.


As a Winner of numerous Design Awards, Regatta Awnings has established itself as one of the most well known Awning Brands in the Global Shading Industry. The incredible two colour design make them fit literally with any kind of architecture or building. Our products are loved by the most popular designers and architects of the modern age.