Product info

A great investment to maximise the use of any outdoor areas on your premises throughout the year. Freeform canopies can be designed to fit rooftops, balconies, even inside spaces.

We’ll design the tent specifically to fit the building shape and any unique features and our designers will work to suit the look of any building, city center or rural. We can work around and accommodate multiple levels, water features and other structural anomalies.

Freeform Canopies trump cards

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Easily branded
  • Easily repaired without compromising waterproofing
  • Compliant with International fire and safety standards
  • High tensile 770g/m stretchable fabric
  • Product range – Contour+ with or without Fire Retardant
  • Hybrid seaming technology -seaming technology incorporates stitching for strength and high peal bonds and welding for guaranteed waterproofing and extra durable seams


Initial Consultation

We establish an overall brief of what the client is wishing to achieve. This may involve a request to the client for visuals or architectural drawings, as well as attending design meetings and site visits.


With solid brief to hand, Nomadic Tents will offer initial design concepts including fabric types, type of structural support e.g. timber or steel work, rigging options, installation layouts and any extra features such as branding.

Budget & Quotations

Once the client is happy with the design of the product, Nomadic Tents will provide budgets and quotations including the confirmation of sketches or visuals where appropriate.

Visual Presentation

Once design and budget are approved, detailed design commences. This includes general arrangement drawings and foundation designs. Detailed fabrication then follow. Once these are fully approved, manufacture can begin. This involves modelling of fabric and the fabrication of steel, culminating in a series of specialist parts all ready for installation on site.


When it comes to installation our riggers have the experience that makes all the difference. The project manager, briefing the site team on all aspects of the build, leads the installation and makes sure the client is kept up to date with progress and any changes on site, and ensures that a consistent communication flow is present throughout the project.


  1. Contact us
  2. Introductory meeting
  3. Confirm requirements
  4. Submit Estimates
  5. Request for quotation


  1. Site visit
  2. Confirm client requirements
  3. Submit detailed quotation
  4. Submit visual presentation


  1. Signed quotation approval
  2. Payment 70% deposit
  3. Detailed site visit
  4. CMT Drawing
  5. Canopy fabrication
  6. Final 30% payment

Installation / Handover 

  1. Install canopy
  2. Demonstrate canopy system
  3. Train/Instruct staff
  4. Handover meeting
  5. Tweak canopy





Our stretch tents are available in chino, platinum, white, black and red. We can cater for special colour orders, subject to minimum quantities. Or, we can arrange for your logo, graphics or images to be printed straight onto the fabric, giving you a highly visual brand presence that packs a punch.