What to start with, decorating the house from the inside or from the outside? It is one of the most popular questions when we speak about building a new house
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Product info

Freeform® Stretch Tents has changed the event landscape forever. The stylish and cost-effective alternative to the traditional event marquee, there's nothing quite like a Freeform® to bring an event to life ! Tents are manufactured to any dimension of up to 630m2. Where covering for a larger area is required, multiple tents can be joined together in a modular fashion.

Our flagship fabric, FreeformFlex® 3.0, offers stretch tent rental companies the most durable and highest quality event tent on the market.

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Stretch Tent Rental

We offer for hire, versatile tents that can be rigged on almost any space; over a pool, around trees, on rocky area or uneven grounds. Options that you may have thought impossible.

Forward thinking companies and individuals are opting to steer away from using traditional white marquees and in doing so stand out from the crowd and are able to maximize the impact of their events and promotions on their customers, staff and the public.

There are no limitations to our tents but your imagination. No need for draping inside to make a pleasant atmosphere, stretch tents naturally create an inviting ambience with beautiful flowing curves and soft- touch fabric.

Stretch tents absorb sound creating a perfect acoustic experience that’s ideal for concerts, musical festivals and private parties.

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